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Crônica de uma catástrofe ambiental, a multimedia journalism site co-founded by Leo Caobelli, produced this project for a Brazilian magazine called Revista Forum. The project presents an in-depth look at an industrial accident that leaked agro-toxins into a river killing thousands of fish and contaminating the local populaton.

An Interactive Panoramic Experience

Several examples of interactive panorama photography from a variety of unlikely places, including the inside of a water bottle, a person’s mouth and inside a washing machine.  The site not only offers 10 examples of VR photography but also provides how-tos. View here

This Web site is dedicated student work from the University of Miami’s Visual Journalism program. There are videos, photographs as well as sites designed, programmed and produced by students on the site that is updated regularly.

An Ambush and a Comrade Lost

New York Times photojournalist Tyler Hicks audio sound slide captures the ambush of American soldiers in Afghanistan as it occurs. Two soldiers narrate the piece by recounting the ordeal that resulted in the death of Private First Class Richard A. Dewater, 21.

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