Will Sullivan


Name: Will Sullivan
Title: Interactive Director at the St. Louis Post Dispatch; Nerd-In-Chief, Journerdism
Employer: St. Louis Post Dispatch, St. Louis, Mo.
Experience: Launched Journerdism.com, a blog for news updates, personal thoughts, and links about the future of online media and general multimedia. He is also the Interactive Director at the St. Louis Dispatch in Missouri. He is a public speaker and teacher of multimedia. He has won many awards around the world for his variety of work with different publications.
Education: University of Toledo, Bachelor of the Arts inCommunication; Northwestern University, Master of Science Journalism in New Media; Poynter Institute, Visual Journalism Fellowship
Web site: http://journerdism.com; http://stltoday.com
E-mail: will [at] journerdism [dot] com

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